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A Solution to the Snowbird Travel Dilemma

Do you have elderly friends or family members who snowbird during the winter months but have been reluctant to travel during the pandemic, due to the risks associated with commercial air travel, or the cost of private air charters? If you have loved ones or friends who are eager to get to their snowbird destination, but don’t yet have a reasonable way to travel, RoadStallion provides the perfect solution – a private passenger cabin in chauffeured, private jet comfort at a fraction of the cost of private aviation – and with RoadStallion’s door to door ground transportation service, they can avoid the risk of exposure from airports, crowded planes, or private flight crews.

RoadStallion prides itself on providing tailored solutions based on a wide variety of passenger needs. Anything from providing an on board semi-private bathroom so that passengers can avoid public rest rooms during the trip, to arranging for 1st floor, easy access hotel rooms for longer trips requiring an overnight stop, to using two chauffeurs to avoid the need for an overnight stop – we can, and have, done it all.

With two TVs, WiFi, swivel leather captains seats with recline, refrigerator, and a separate air handling system from the chauffeur – RoadStallion provides the ultimate combination of safety and comfort for longer trips, all while reducing the passenger’s potential exposure to just one individual – the chauffeur, who will undergo a COVID test prior to the trip, and wear a mask and gloves during all interaction with the passengers. One touch point in a RoadStallion vs. approximately 20 when traveling by private jet charter, or 700 when flying commercially. But don’t just take our word for it – here’s the review a recent customer left for us after traveling over 6,000 miles over four trips in a RoadStallion this summer/fall.


Contact our team by text, email, or phone to get a quote, or share this link with your friends and loved ones who are looking for a solution to how to safely and comfortably get to their snowbird destination.  Depending on several factors – including city of origin, length of trip, desire to be driven straight through or with an overnight stop at a trusted hotel – you can reasonably expect your quote to be in the range of $5-6 per mile from pickup to drop off. For example, from New York City to Palm Beach (1200 miles), you could expect the quote to be between $6,000-7,000; or from Chicago to Phoenix (1700 miles), $8,500-10,000. Compared to the cost of a private air charter (usually between $18,000-28,000 for those same itineraries), it’s a bargain, and you’ll be far safer and more comfortable than literally any other ground transportation option.

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