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Crucial Travel with Special Needs in a Covid-19 World

The Coronavirus is surging across the country right now.

Public officials are directing you not to travel  – if possible. But NOT traveling is not always possible. How can you travel safely – and responsibly  – when staying put is NOT an option? What if you have been exposed to or even contract the Coronavirus away from home and need to get back?

These are travel challenges that have lacked obvious solutions. If you have been exposed to the Coronavirus, traveling through airports and on planes is highly irresponsible if even permitted. So how do you return home safely without exposing others?

Consider as well, the possibility that you have living arrangements in a different locale – a typical scenario faced by “Snowbirds.” Traveling to and from winter homes has become problematic, especially for older Americans with special travel constraints and people at higher risk of infection. People with health or physical challenges have additional difficulties managing a long-distance trip even in normal times. In a pandemic, it can seem impossible. Private air charters are extremely limited in availability and capacity, and can be prohibitively expensive.

RoadStallion offers a real solution to these challenges. Since the pandemic began, we’ve been providing longer distance travel for those who for a variety of reasons do not find flying commercially or privately to be appropriate or available.  Some face any number of travel obstacles because they require special attention.

Our Mercedes-Benz RoadStallions have 1 touchpoint — the chauffeur — and even he is able to serve his passengers contactless or from a socially-responsible distance. Here are the two of the features that make a Mercedes-Benz RoadStallion uniquely safe:

  • A totally separate passenger cabin, and
  • A totally separate ventilation system

Passengers do not share space or air with the RoadStallion chauffeurs. Once your gloved chauffeur closes your cabin door, you will be in your own private, bespoke and ultra-sanitized domain, from door to door. [It’s like a stay-cation while you travel].

Some of the other health-conscious safety features are:

  • 6 ft to 7.5 ft social distance seating for 3 people and 4.5 ft to 6 ft for 4 people.
  • All chauffeurs are trained to follow CDC infection control procedures that were customized for RoadStallions and overseen by a Certified Infection-Control Preventionist (CIC®).  All chauffeurs maintain a socially-responsible distance and wear masks and gloves.
  • All touch surfaces disinfected before each trip.
  • Refrigerators and coolers for bringing your own food; be met curbside to receive your mobile order or stop and eat at restaurants of your choosing.
  • Bring your own coffee pods and bottled water if you’d like to use with RoadStallion’s Keurig coffeemakers.
  • [Semi-private] flush toilet available upon prior arrangement.
  • Bring your well-behaved pets.

RoadStallion can transport you “straight-through” or can arrange overnight stops en route at hotels that will accommodate direct access to a sanitized room without interaction at the front desk, often on the first floor near an exit door. A semi-private flush toilet can be added when avoiding public rest stops is an objective.

It takes  longer to travel in a Mercedes-Benz RoadStallion than to fly. But the added time invested is rewarded by comfort, safety, responsibility and traveling flexibility.  At about 1/3 the cost of a private air charter, it is also an outstanding value.

If you have special travels issues like those described above, contact us and we will work with you to customize a travel solution. You’ll be surprised what we are able to accommodate.

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