Apr 25 2024 - Apr 27 2024

Campus Martius Park and Hart Plaza

Detroit, Michigan

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The 2024 NFL Draft, an eagerly anticipated event in the world of American football, is set to be a historic affair. Scheduled from April 25 to 27, this monumental event will take place around Campus Martius Park and Hart Plaza in Detroit, Michigan. As the 89th annual meeting of the National Football League (NFL) franchises to select newly eligible players, this draft marks a significant moment in sports history. It’s the first time since 1991 that the number one overall pick has been traded prior to the draft for consecutive years, and the first since 1990 that a team with the worst record did not secure a first-round pick. For fans and participants alike, our NFL Draft Transportation becomes a crucial part of their experience, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey to the heart of the action.

RoadStallion: Revolutionizing NFL Draft Transportation

In the midst of the draft’s excitement, RoadStallion stands ready to offer an unmatched transportation experience. Each vehicle, built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis and custom finished, redefines small group transportation for up to 8 passengers. We provide not just a ride, but a luxury environment, boasting 6’5” headroom, reclining/swiveling Captain’s Chairs, and a host of amenities. Whether it’s enjoying live programming on two TVs with streaming services, staying connected with built-in Wi-Fi, or relaxing in a spacious setting with panoramic windows, we offer a class of transportation that complements the prestige of the NFL Draft.

A Journey Through NFL Draft History

The NFL Draft has evolved into a key event in the sporting calendar, having a rich history that traces back decades. This annual event, where NFL franchises select new talent, has become a significant spectacle, drawing fans and media attention from across the globe. The strategic decisions made during the draft can shape the future of the teams, making it a high-stakes and high-drama affair. The 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit is not just a selection meeting; it’s a celebration of football, tradition, and the promise of future success.

Arriving in Style with RoadStallion

For those traveling to Detroit for the NFL Draft, the experience starts the moment you land at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. With our NFL Draft Car Service, we ensure that your journey from the airport to Campus Martius Park and Hart Plaza is nothing short of exceptional. As you explore Detroit, consider adding a private city tour to your itinerary. Discover the rich automotive heritage at the Henry Ford Museum, or marvel at the art collections at the Detroit Institute of Arts. RoadStallion with its commitment to luxury and comfort, makes every trip, whether to the draft or around the city, memorable.

Book Your NFL Draft Limo Service Today

As the NFL Draft approaches, secure your premium transportation with RoadStallion. Our NFL Draft Limo Service is not just a mode of travel; it’s a statement of style and luxury. To book your RoadStallion experience, contact us at, or call us toll-free at (800) 684-4724. For inquiries in Nashville, please dial (615) 258-5552 or get a quick quote here. Embrace the excitement of the NFL Draft with RoadStallion, where every journey is as thrilling as the destination.

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