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Holiday Travel in a Covid-19 World

Traveling for the holidays in the Covid-19 Environment is already a challenge.

Do you really want to be traveling on a commercial airline? Dealing with long lines, crowded airports, TSA checkpoints, uncomfortable seats, unnecessary delays and restricted baggage allowances.

With increasing demand for Covid-19 safe travel, many private jet charters have inflated their prices or are already sold out through the end of the year. Although the level of luxury is on par, RoadStallion is a much more affordable alternative to flying private.

Savvy travelers are now making their holiday journeys in the most enjoyable, luxurious, and uniquely safe manner. Arranging your holiday travel with RoadStallion is easy. We’ll provide you with an exceptional and highly personalized experience. You can decide when and where you depart, where to stop along the way and arrive at a time that meets YOUR schedule.

With RoadStallion your health and wellbeing are our top priority.

While luxurious travel has been our forte, Duty of Care is and always will be our top priority. In light of the Coronavirus crisis, we’ve engaged a Certified Infection Control Preventionist to establish industry-leading protocols and training for chauffeurs of RoadStallion in order to ensure a safe ride, while limiting as many touchpoints as possible.

A smaller number of in-person interactions and fewer touch-points are just a few reasons to book a RoadStallion. Here are a few more:

• 6 ft to 7.5 ft social distance seating for 3 people and 4.5 ft to 6 ft for 4 people
• Privacy partition separates chauffeur from passengers in most RoadStallions, each area with its own, separate ventilation system
• Only one touchpoint exposing passengers to the risk of contagion – your chauffeur. Every single commercial flight has approximately 700 touchpoints 1
• All chauffeurs are trained to follow CDC infection control procedures that were customized for RoadStallions and overseen by a Certified Infection-Control Preventionist (CIC®)
• All touch surfaces disinfected before each trip
• Stop and eat wherever and whenever you choose or be met curbside to receive your mobile order

Comfortable Travel with High-End Features & Amenities

• 6’5” headroom
• Eight (8) reclining/swiveling Captain’s Chairs allow separation without isolation
• Refrigerators
• Premier Sound system with Pandora and Bluetooth connectivity
• 2 TV’s with streaming services over WiFi, including Roku TV, Netflix and live programming
• Panoramic Windows (95% tint) offer privacy without compromising views
• Air suspension for the smoothest ride • Built-in WiFi connection
• HDMI inputs to display computers on TV
• USB chargers and 110v outlets at every seat
• Lap desks for your convenience • 8+ pieces of luggage, golf bags, gifts, etc.
• Undercarriage compartments on most RoadStallions

Even though RoadStallions were designed for spacious, elegant travel, they have proven to be especially well suited to provide safe transportation without sacrificing comfort. The RoadStallion’s tall ceilings (6.5’ of headroom), reclining and swiveling captains chairs, dinette table and day bed will complement any trip. Wireless service and live TV programming mean staying connected while you travel.

Our most popular route is New York to Florida and back again.

While the actual distance will depend on your exact location, desired stops along the way and destination, you can get an approximate distance and travel time if you’re coming from New York City:

• To Palm Beach, approximately 1,217 miles, or almost 2.5 days
• To Daytona Beach, approximately 1,070 miles, or a little over 2 days
• To Destin, approximately 1,261 miles, or almost 2.5 days
• To Fort Lauderdale, approximately 1,263, miles or almost 2.5 days
• To Jacksonville, approximately 937 miles, or almost 2 days
• To Key West, approximately 1,440 miles, or almost 3 days
• To Miami, approximately 1,283 miles, or more than 2.5 days
• To Orlando, approximately 1,078 miles, or a little over 2 days
• To Panama City Beach, approximately 1,206 miles, or almost 2.5 days
• To Pensacola, approximately 1,238 miles, or almost 2.5 days
• To Tallahassee, approximately 1,098 miles, or a little over 2 days
• To Tampa, approximately 1,133 miles, or almost 2.5 days

Note: One day equals 8 hours of driving. We can also drive overnight to get you to your destination as soon as possible.

While you are already on vacation, you shouldn’t rush it. Spend a little more time along the way. There are some exceptional overnight stays along the route. If you want to take time for sightseeing, add a day or two to your trip. Here is an alternate route to help you plan:

The Shenandoah Valley features picture-perfect postcard farms and inns along country roads and the popular Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway. One of the natural wonders of this world is the Natural Bridge. Be sure to visit the region’s many caverns, which include Luray, with the only stalacpipe organ, and Shenandoah Caverns, with an elevator to take you underground!

An agricultural hub, the Shenandoah Valley is the best place for authentic farm-to-table culinary experiences. There is something for everyone. Family farms, wineries and breweries can be found in every county across the Shenandoah Valley.

If you leave New York early in the morning you can enjoying a memorable Shenandoah Valley lunch, make a few sightseeing stops and have a delicious dinner before sinking back into those reclining chairs and waking up in the beautiful Sunshine State.

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