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Nana & Grandpa are on their Way!

Travel in the Covid-19 Environment can be a challenge. Here’s how Mia and Joe planned a trip with RoadStallion so they could visit their kids and grandkids spread across the US in a uniquely safe and comfortable manner.

In the current Covid-19 environment, Mia and Joe did not want to risk travelling by air or rail from San Francisco to visit their kids and grandkids in Denver, Chicago and Maine.  They didn’t even want to stop en route to use public restrooms or stay overnight in hotels.  They found RoadStallion by searching the web for a safe way to complete six separate legs of travel across the country  – and then back. As older Americans, they were looking for a ground transportation provider that could meet their particular desires to travel comfortably but limit their exposure to the Coronavirus to the maximum extent possible.

The plan came together elegantly because RoadStallion could provide the same spacious and safe vehicles for each leg of the trip, providing a uniquely safe travel “cocoon”, organized and executed by a single provider.  Once Joe and Mia departed, no one else would enter the passenger cabin, and the separate ventilation system meant there would be no risk of airborne exposure during the trip.  While RoadStallions were designed for spacious, elegant travel, they have proven to be especially well suited to provide safe transportation without sacrificing comfort. The RoadStallion’s tall ceilings (6.5’ of headroom), reclining and swiveling captains chairs, dinette table and day bed complemented its enormous windows meant the trip would be as enjoyable as getting there! Wireless service and live TV programming meant Joe and Mia could stay connected while they traveled.

Before finding RoadStallion, Joe had called several limousine companies, none of whom could put the program together for them.  While behind the scenes the logistics were quite involved, for RoadStallion organizing the trip was straightforward. Its fleet of RoadStallions are based in major US markets, so providing the same vehicle and a consistent level of service for each leg was not a challenge. Chauffeurs accustomed to driving RoadStallions and experienced with its Covid-19 protocols would be leap-frogged between waypoints as the couple made their way uninterrupted.  In response to their request, RoadStallion also arranged for a self-contained travel toilet. Meals were planned for pick up at restaurant curbsides, and the onboard refrigerators kept the drinks cold throughout.

Peace of mind without sacrificing comfort  –  uniquely RoadStallion.