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Roadstallion transportation

A whole new class of chauffeured transportation

RoadStallion provides the perfect solution when an SUV cramps your space and a van cramps your style.™ With custom features designed to provide the ultimate in refinement and sophistication, you’ll do more than travel. You’ll be transported.

Every RoadStallion is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis and custom finished to offer the ultimate group transportation experience for only the most discerning passengers. Delivering a superior level of spacious, luxurious comfort for up to eight passengers, with room for luggage, golf bags, and other carry-on items, the RoadStallion still feels spacious and unconfined. RoadStallion is quite simply in a class of its own.

The private jet on wheels for the chauffeured livery industry

RoadStallion’s distinguished design brings to you the perfect combination of elegance and practicality. Each specially-customized vehicle includes exclusive features you would expect from an executive car service along with the space you need when you’re traveling with a group. Each unique RoadStallion provides an outstanding chauffeured transportation experience, with custom features including:

  • Oversized, tinted panoramic windows offer privacy without compromising views
  • 6’5” of headroom for extra space and comfort
  • Luxurious diamond-stitched leather reclining/swivel seats
  • WiFi, 2 TV’s, Roku, refrigerator, 110v, HDMI and USB ports at every seat
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter refinement with an extra spacious interior
  • Air suspension for the smoothest, most supremely comfortable ride
RoadStallion Chauffeured Transportation Luxury Interior
Roadstallion Vehicle
Roadstallion Vehicle

Take an exclusive look inside

See for yourself why RoadStallion is so much more than regular group transportation service.

Custom-designed floor plans

Spacious, conference-like enviorement for your most discerning cients

Roadstallion floor plan
Roadstallion floor plan

Experience the RoadStallion difference

Enjoy the highest levels of luxury and style without sacrificing comfort.

The big idea

We make RoadStallions available to you for you to control and operate as part of your fleet on an exclusive basis. RoadStallions are such highly-differentiated vehicles that no one in your market will have anything to offer quite like them, allowing you to maximize their use and pricing. As a result, they should help you compete more effectively in your market and earn higher revenues - without the risk of owning such expensive vehicles.


Offer your best-in-class service in a vehicle that nobody else in your market has. Offer your best-in-class service in a vehicle that nobody else in your market has.


When your interests and RoadStallion's align, only you will have them.

The "WOW" factor

Impress even your most discerning clients with a ride no one else can provide - at any price.

Market to new prospects

Pull up to their offices in a RoadStallion and witness first-hand how it will grab their attention and win you an opportunity to serve all their transportation needs.

Eliminate drag on profits

Don't carry the cost of a RoadStallion when you can't make money using it.

RoadStallion is perfectly suited for:

  • Discerning clients of independent means valuing service over price
  • High-Demand/High-Margin Events in your market
  • Corporate Road Shows
  • Five-Star Hotels & Resorts
  • Destination Management Companies
  • Foreign Dignitaries
  • Board Meetings

Gain access to RoadStallions without assuming ownership

The RoadStallion is available to chauffeured livery, charter, and tour operators. We offer flexible arrangements for daily, weekly, short-term, long-term, and seasonal use. We encourage our partner operators use their RoadStallions when they are most likely to drive higher profits, not when they won't!

Roadstallion transportation
Roadstallion transportation
Roadstallion transportation
Roadstallion transportation
Roadstallion transportation
Roadstalli	transportation
Roadstallion transportation
Roadstallion transportation

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