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Snowbirds! RoadStallions are Safer than Private Air Charter – at 1/3 the Cost

Covid-19 Safe Travel: RoadStallion’s are Safer than Private Air Charter – at 1/3 the Cost

Savvy snowbirds are starting to make their annual migration to the Sunshine State. This year, doing so safely in a Covid-19 environment is a new factor. But traveling comfortably and enjoying the trip is still an objective. One of the options is to charter a private jet, and thereby reduce the number of people you must interact with to get from here to there. Studies suggest this reduces the number of touch points during your trip from 700 to 20. But the cost premium is substantial. For example, a trip from Manhattan to Palm Beach on a midsize jet chartered out of Teterboro will cost $18,000 or more. Nevertheless, many private jet charters have limited supply, and what some observers believe are premium prices.

Travel in a RoadStallion is an intriguing alternative. It is just as luxurious. With merely one touchpoint, there is less risk of infection than traveling on a private charter. At about $6-$7,000 for the same trip from your Manhattan apartment to your Palm Beach home, it is just 1/3 the cost. (click here for a more detailed comparison to private jet charters)

Two of the features that make a RoadStallion uniquely safe.

  • A totally separate passenger cabin, and
  • A totally separate ventilation system for each

Passengers do not share space or air with the RoadStallion chauffeurs. Once your gloved chauffeur closes your cabin door, you will be in your own bespoke and ultra sanitized private domain, from door to door.

Some of the other special or health-conscious safety features are:

  • 6 ft to 7.5 ft social distance seating for 3 people and 4.5 ft to 6 ft for 4 people.
  • Only one touchpoint exposing passengers to the risk of contagion – your chauffeur.
  • All chauffeurs are trained to follow CDC infection control procedures that were customized for RoadStallions and overseen by a Certified Infection-Control Preventionist (CIC®)
  • All touch surfaces disinfected before each trip.
  • Refrigerators and coolers for bringing your own food; be met curbside to receive your mobile order or stop and eat at restaurants of your choosing.
  • Bring your own coffee pods and bottled water if you’d like to use with RoadStallion’s Keurig coffeemakers.
  • [Semi-private] flush toilet available upon prior arrangement.
  • Pet Friendly

It will take you longer to “fly on the ground” in a RoadStallion. Travel from Manhattan to Palm Beach in a RoadStallion will take about 20 hours (vs. 5 hours by private jet). But have we not experienced the unexpected pleasures of slowing down over the last few months?

The RoadStallions’ captain’s chairs swivel and recline fully, making for a pleasurable, stress-free ride, even through the night. The views out the expansive windows can be breathtaking if you aren’t watching live TV or Netflix. For a summary of the ways in which travel in a RoadStallion is as comfortable and luxurious as it is safe, click here.

Arranging your travel with RoadStallion is easy. We build the travel schedule around your personal needs. You decide when and where you depart, where to stop along the way, when to arrive. Your furry friend(s) are also welcome. Anything from a Yorkie to a Mastiff will fit comfortably in a spacious RoadStallion.

There are less expensive ways to get to Florida to be sure, but RoadStallions offer a unique balance of safety, luxury and price to get there (or anywhere else). Enjoy a stress-free travel experience that can’t be rivaled by any private jet or commercial first-class tickets, leaving you time to figure out what to do with the $12,000 you saved.

Think twice before assuming a private or commercial flight is your most practical solution. Get a quote from a RoadStallion and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Depending on the reason for the trip and how many people are going, traveling with RoadStallion will probably be your best bet. Our quote is door-to-door and all-inclusive.