Fly on the ground to Super Bowl LV in Tampa at 1/3 the cost of a private jet charter. And nobody needs to be the designated driver.
Or are you and your friends/family interested in attending the game, but unsure how to get all the way to Tampa safely? Uncomfortable with the idea of traveling through a busy airport, onto a crowded plane where social distancing is completely ignored while you sit elbow to elbow next to a stranger? Travel in a RoadStallion instead – with private jet-like amenities and comfort,  but at a fraction of the cost. With a separate cabin for up to 8 passengers, you have privacy and a barrier between you and the chauffeur. And with a separate air-handling system, RoadStallion provides THE safest way to travel during the pandemic.


On a long road trip, typically the transportation itself is just a means to an end, but with RoadStallion, the travel portion itself will end up being a highlight of the trip – with swivel seats allowing your crew of up to 8 to truly ‘hang-out’, watch tv, stay connected via the onboard WiFi router, stay refreshed thanks to an on-board refrigerator, and even pregame on the way to the game, it’s a transportation experience unlike any other.


You can book a RoadStallion for door-to-door service from your residence to Tampa, and back, without ever needing to set foot in an airport, or an Uber, drastically limiting your exposure to just one touchpoint – your chauffeur, who is physically separated from you at all points thanks to the privacy partition inside the vehicle. And, if desired, you can reserve the RoadStallion during your entire stay in Tampa so you always have a way to get where you need to go – out for meals, to the game, or even as a mobile tailgate pre and post game.


A  mobile-tailgate, private jet-like, pregame party, with door-to-door service from anywhere in the country, and your own chauffeur? Yes – that’s right.  Line up your transportation to Tampa and start planning your trip today.
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Transportation to Super Bowl