Terms & Conditions

RoadStallion T&C


All terms and conditions are set forth in a written Confirmation and Acceptance between RoadStallion and customer, or in email, text or written communication between them related to the Confirmation and Acceptance. Customer will be deemed to have accepted the terms set forth in any Confirmation and Acceptance once Customer provides payment information by email or phone. RoadStallion will be deemed to have accepted the contract once payment is processed. The availability of the RoadStallion for which a quote is provided is not assured until payment information is received and processed. All payments are non-refundable unless otherwise agreed, and Customer agrees to pay the balance due and any extra charges incurred and services requested by passengers. RoadStallion is authorized to process payment on the credit card provided for the current charge and any balance due or extras determined after service is completed.


RoadStallion Leasing Trust owns the RoadStallions to be used but does not operate them to carry passengers for hire or otherwise. All RoadStallions or other vehicles used are leased to licensed, insured, USDOT-registered motor carriers participating in our program (an “Operator”). The Operator providing services pursuant to this transaction exercises full operational control and responsibility for all services contracted hereunder and arranged by RoadStallion, Inc., which acts solely as an agent for the undersigned Customer in arranging services on its behalf.


Neither RoadStallion, Inc. nor Operator are responsible for mechanical breakdowns while on charter; for delays of termination of services due to traffic, traffic control measures limiting venue access or unsafe weather or road conditions; for wireless and TV service interruptions due to system coverage, electronic equipment failure or passengers’ inability to log in to services; and the inability to carry all passenger luggage.


Customer is responsible for all physical damage to, downtime and loss of use caused by any passengers in its party, including, without limitation, burn holes, stains, scratches and tears to windows, tint, seats, floors, mats, ceiling, consoles and equipment, and stains or odors from pet accidents, vomit and smoke. The Sanitation Fee and Smoke/Odor Ionization Fees as set forth in the Confirmation and Acceptance (up to $500 each) will be paid by Customer if either or both are necessary in the reasonable opinion of Operator, but payment thereof will not limit Customer’s liability for the damages these special cleaning services are designed to mitigate, which may include the lost revenue from being out of service for the special cleaning services.


Unless otherwise agreed, all venue-specific parking permits are the Customer’s responsibility to obtain and must accommodate a vehicle 25′ long and 10′ tall on the surface.  Unless otherwise agreed, smoking and drug use are not permitted, and any loss or fines incurred by Operator for illegal activities by passengers will be Customer’s responsibility.


Chauffeur will not engage in conversations with passengers unless initiated by the passengers and will not take photographs of passengers. Extra time is billed at the rate set forth in in the Confirmation and Acceptance, in 15-minute increments, rounded up.